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Energy efficient windows and doors offer an unprecedented opportunity to increase the value of your home and enhance its beauty, while reducing your expenses.

Windows Plus products are Energy Star® certified carry a limited lifetime warranty and a 3 year installation warranty. Our windows are custom-built to the exact size of your opening and installed by the most experienced installation team in Denver, Colorado. We offer the lowest prices on high quality replacement windows and doors to give your home an elegant look and a comfortable feel.

Your windows and Doors are only as Good as the Installation

Windows Plus window and door products are Energy Star certified and carry the Energy Star label. The Energy Star program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy to ensure that products carrying their seal meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

Here in Colorado, we seem to jump from one extreme temperature to the next. In the winter we get temperatures of 60+, the next day it drops to 0. This giant fluctuation in temperature change means that we are susceptible to a considerable reliance on our heating and air conditioning units. While it’s worth the price to keep your home comfortable, it can be shocking when you get that energy bill at the end of the month.

One of the easiest ways to regulate your home’s energy usage during these extreme weather months is to reduce your home’s draft. Don’t let the well-conditioned air in your home seep out! There are a lot of ways to do this, some less expensive than others. However, the main problem comes from your windows and doors. There could be some serious dough seeping out from under your older doors or single-pane windows.

Single pane windows are very easily subjected and changed by their outside environment because there is only the one glass pane between the outside world and the inside of your home. In some parts of the U.S., anywhere from 15 to 35 percent of heat loss can be attributed to the poor insulation of single pane windows.

Your best bet in this case to install double or triple pane windows. Yes, they are more expensive, but their benefits will save you on energy bills.

In fact, in the last ten years, building codes have been substantially raised to demand more efficient windows. Most now require at least double pane windows. These demands will only continue to grow until eventually the only way to meet the standards will be by installing three or even four panes of glass. So, by installing triple pane windows, you’ll find yourself ahead of the curve when the bar is raised on energy efficient windows.

Replacing your doors and windows with newer ones that have better technology and insulation is an excellent investment. Not only will you get better insulation and a lower energy bill, but you will also vamp up your home’s curbside appeal with a new look.